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Directorial bodies

 Partnersí Assembly: the Assembly is composed by all  ASSOMONITOR members and is called once a year. The Assembly approves the Statute and its modifications, appoints the Directive Council, decides about initiatives, appoints boards who, according to DC proposal, will be instituted for specifical projects and/or initiatives and approves budgets.

Directive Council. It is composed by 5 permanent members:

  • President: dr. Paolo Primiero
  • Vice- president: dr. Paolo Droghini
  • Councillors: dr. Moira Cordisco, dr. Valentina Greco, dr. Antonella Della Monica
  • Treasures Secretary: councillor dr. Paolo Primiero

The Board  is called at least twice a year. For ordinary administration DC can be rcalled according to operative necessities  by teleconference.


For particular projects, that need widening and/or particular activities of a specific competence of a group of member, they can be appointed boards by the Assembly that will be composed by a coordinator and by some member (from 3 to 5). The Board will have a relationship with DC for operational measures.

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