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Deontological Code

Approved by the Promoters Assembly of January 19th, 2008 in Rome


Art. 1. The rules of the present deontological code are binding for all the Clinical Monitors (C.M.) members of Assomonitor. The Clinical Monitor of Assomonitor have to know these rules and their ignorance does not exempt from disciplinary responsibilities.

Art. 2. The disregard of the rules established in this deontological code and every action or omission or offense to dignity, honor and the correct exercise of professionalism of C.M., are punished as established in Statute.

Art. 3. The member of Assomonitor respects the initiatives and the trends deliberated from his own Association to the protection of the category.
If a C.M, performing his profession, finds himself in any situation of conflict of interest, he must communicate it to the interested subjects and, if the conflict cannot be removed, he must be abstain from performing professional act or acts.

Art. 4. The Assomonitor C.M. member has to maintain an adequate level of professional competence; he also has to cure updates of his acquaintances, committing himself to keep his curriculum vitae updated; he has too deposit it at Assomonitor office and he certifies its authenticity, taking on his responsibility.
He recognizes, as his first duty, his help to doctors in development of judgments, opinions and choices, with full knowledge of the facts, according to the clinical trials he is involved in.

Art. 5. In the circumstances in which the Assomonitor CM member represents the category in a public way, he has to conform his own behavior and speeches to the principles of the dialogue, the respect of the other people's ideas and of the competences of the other professionals, also when these ones interfere with the exercise of his competences.

Art. 6. The Assomonitor CM member does not accept conditions of works that could compromise his professional autonomy and the respect of the norms of the present code. In every working situation, Assomonitor CM member is inspired by the respect of these norms for any hierarchical position he is working in and the nature of its relationship of job.

Art. 7. The Assomonitor CM member must found the results of his professional activity on documentations or reports from his direct knowledge, quoting his exact results with objectivity; if by chance, he has to show the alternatives interpretative hypotheses.

Art. 8. The Assomonitor CM member has to maintain the professional secret and refrains from referring testimony of facts he knew through his profession, unless he has a formal consent from his client.
The professional secret is also protected with and adequate care of written notes or information of any kind about his client.

Art. 9. The Assomonitor CM member can only deviate from the professional secret when he gets to know about facts or situations that have to be reported for laws or acts of Authority.

Art. 10. The Assomonitor CM member, who hold governmental functions, must act in the respect of the rules of impartiality, efficiency and transparency, refusing to take advantage for himself by his position. Similarly he will be inspired by criteria of impartiality and objectivity if he should be called to express opinions or comparative evaluation about third party.


Art. 11. The Assomonitor C.M member inspires his relationships with the opposite party to criteria of loyalty, professionalism and respect of the present deontological code.
He cannot fail to observe these criteria not even for senior hierarchical dispositions.
In case in which his professional performances are such that last in the time, if possible he will convene with the purchaser party the duration of the relationship.

Art. 12. The Assomonitor C.M. member, in the development of his activity, pursues the interest of the opposite party and puts to its disposition his own professional competences with loyalty and care.
He refuses to use the professional relationship to assure himself or others undue personal advantages.

Art. 13. Fixing his own honorarium, the Assomonitor C.M. member, has to apply the professional rate and the other actions approved by Assomonitor.
Free performance is admitted , if it is justified by particular situations.
The Assomonitor C.M. member will be able to arrange his honorarium at the beginning of the performance: in this case he will not be able to make higher claims to purchaser party.
In any circumstances he will be able to condition the compensation at the result of professional participation or to the advantages that from there it will have the opposite party.

Art. 14. The Assomonitor C.M. member will not accept professional assignments that put him in a condition of conflict of interest with the opposite party, not even if the last one is informed about the conflict and declares its will of use the same his performance.

Art. 15. The Assomonitor C.M. member limits the exercise of his professional activity to the required performances.
He refuses to carry out any activity that is extraneous to the specificity of the agreed professional relationship.

Art. 16. Assomonitor C.M. member can withdraw anytime from the professional relationship, unless it has not been differently agreed.
In any case he must complete or finish the urgent acts that result immediately useful for his customer.
The Assomonitor C.M. member must withdraw professional relationship if appears a conflict of interests with the third party or if it appears any cause of incompatibility.
In this case, he has to finish the urgent acts necessary to avoid to damage the third part.

Art. 17. In any kind of professional relationship the Assomonitor C.M. member cannot pretend compensation or benefit, that results extraneous to the professional performance.


Art. 18. The Relationships among C.Ms must be inspired to the principle of the mutual respect, of understanding, of loyalty and of solidarity.
In the advantage of himself and of his colleagues’, the Assomonitor C.M. member has to support the autonomy and the independence of the profession from every influence or conditioning and he has to spread the rules of the present deontological code.

Art. 19. The Assomonitor C.M. member helps the formation and the updating of his colleagues, with a particular regard for younger ones.
He spread his own acquaintance and he is helpful to supply information on any activity, as course, seminaries, etc., that he considers useful for an adapted modernization.

Art. 20. The Assomonitor C.M. member is respectful for dignity and reputation of his colleagues and avoid giving against them negative opinion about their formation and professional competence.
If the negative opinion tends to take away clients to his colleague, this behavior will be valued with a particular strictness.

Art. 21. If the Assomonitor C.M. member realizes that the requested performance requires particular competences or qualifications, he informs the opposite part and refrains from prevent he contact another professional who has necessary competences.
The Assomonitor C.M. member cannot accept any compensation or profit from colleagues to which, if case, he had addressed his own customers.

Art. 22. The Assomonitor C.M. member has to inform timely the Directive Council of Association, every time he notices behaviours of the colleagues or the third party that can be damage third party or the honor and the prestige of the professional title.

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